What is Nano Sealant?

Nano Sealant is a silicone sealant made from sand that utilizes Nanotechnology. Nanotechnology manipulates atoms and molecules to fabricate materials such as Nano Sealant so they can be constructed on a scale one-billionth the size of the smallest scale that existed prior to Nanotechnology. That is literally like comparing the size of the earth to the size of a marble. This small size provides an incredible advantage to Nano Sealant when compared to traditional sealant, because the small size reconfigures molecular electrical properties creating different molecular interactions with the surfaces they are applied to; In the case of Nano Sealant, a stronger, more effective and longer lasting bond with roof tile, concrete, pavers, bricks and stucco.


What is the Nano Advantage for my home?

When Nano Seal is applied to your home’s stone surfaces, water can no longer penetrate them. When you remove water, you remove the life-foundation necessary for black mold and black mildew to grow. Nano Seal will stop black mold and black mildew from growing for at least 5 years – GUARANTEED!

Nano Seal will also protect your stone surfaces against staining from liquids such as motor oil, red wine, soda, ketchup and sun tan oil and lotions, just to name a few.

Nano Seal will also protect your surfaces from UV rays and reduce fading.

Nano Seal will reduce the effective maintenance cost and more importantly the amount of time required to keep your home’s stone surfaces aesthetically beautiful so that they can continue to be the source of pride and joy you always intended them to be. Keep in mind that each time you need to pressure wash your pavers you are reducing the amount of sand in between your paving stones. Nano Seal will significantly reduce, and in some cases eliminate the need for pressure washing, adding years to the life expectancy of your sand and decreasing the opportunity for your paving stones to shift and separate.

Is the Nano Sealant application process difficult?

No. The application process is quick and easy. Our pressure wash and and Nano Seal professionals will clean your stone or tile surfaces prior to sealing so that there is an even and thorough absorption of sealant. Once the cleaned surface is dry, we will return the next day to apply the Nano Seal. Within 10 to 30 minutes of application, you will be able to walk on any of your treated surfaces. It is literally that simple.


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