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Commercial Cleaning in New York and Florida

Building surfaces, including Drive-thrus and Windows are constantly attacked by dirt, grime, and exhaust fumes and other pollutants, at times literally turning windows, concrete and other surfaces black. All these elements detract from the curb appeal and professional look that you want to maintain. Blue Sky’s trained professionals clean interior and exterior windows and building surfaces with state of the art equipment safely, efficiently and on-schedule. When necessary, our trained scissor lift and bucket crews will make sure that all of your building’s glass and other surfaces are cleaned properly. We also offer cost effective scheduled Window Cleaning New York and maintenance to ensure your building looks its best year round.

We Clean and Maintain:

Banks, Shopping Centers and Strip Malls

Stadium & Concert Venues

Drive-Thru Cleaning (Scheduled Contract Discounts Available)

Apartment & Condominium Complexes

Retail Stores and Storefronts

Gas and Service Stations

Walkways and Sidewalks Including Gum Removal

Parking Lots

Construction Sites

Trash and Recycling Enclosure and Site Cleaning

Restaurants, Churches and Synagogues

Schools and Universities

Our Services Include:

Window Cleaning

Building Washing

Concrete Cleaning

Gum Removal

Roof Cleaning

Awning Cleaning

Floor & Carpet Cleaning (Florida Only)


All estimates and proposals are guaranteed for six months and are completed free of charge.
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