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Floors and Carpet Cleaning Florida

FLOORS (Florida Only)

Blue Sky provides maintenance through the entire life cycle of your floor’s care. Initial maintenance includes procedures that are to be performed on newly installed flooring. The extent of initial maintenance will be dependent on the level of cleanliness in which the installed floor covering was left.

Daily/Regular maintenance, as the name suggests, includes procedures that are conducted on a frequent, daily or routine basis. They are generally less-aggressive procedures and consist primarily of dry soil and grit removal (vacuuming, dust mopping, sweeping) and damp or wet mopping. Daily/Regular maintenance is perhaps the most important aspect of a maintenance program and is designed to keep the floor at a consistent level of appearance. In high traffic environments, performing these simple procedures more frequently can extend the time between and need for more aggressive and costly periodic or restorative procedures.

Periodic maintenance generally consists of more aggressive procedures that go beyond dry soil removal and damp or wet mopping. They incorporate machine scrubbing, (with or without the application of floor finish), buffing, spray buffing, burnishing or some combination of these procedures. Periodic maintenance will address traffic-laning and the overall appearance and gloss of the floor. In high traffic areas, these periodic procedures may be part of the Daily/Regular stage.

Restorative maintenance is the most aggressive of all procedures. It typically involves stripping and refinishing of the floor and requires the largest investment of time, labor and money. It is performed when routine/periodic maintenance no longer provides the desired level of appearance. Call us for a free quote.


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